• drought 3

    Extreme Drought Hits South Florida

    Little attention paid given California woes…

  • miami 3.0

    Oct 20-Nov 21, 2015 | Florida 3.0: Reinventing our Future | Miami, FL

    Exhibit helps visualize challenges

  • 201507iceberg

    Evidence From Past Suggests Climate Trends Could Yield 20-foot Sea-level Rise

    Lead author, Dr. Andrea Dutton explains…..

  • fellows

    Congratulations to the 2015-16 FCI Faculty Fellows–Awards October 19

    Join us to celebrate their accomplishments Monday, October 19 at the Keene Center

  • 201506cholera

    Could Climate Change Cause the Next Cholera Pandemic?

    New research suggests we’re closer than you think

Climate Science for Research, Education, and Extension

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NASA scientists have created an ultra-high-resolution computer model that gives staggering views of how carbon dioxide swirls around Mother Earth — and the heavy toll it takes on her.


The Florida Climate Institute at the University of Florida brings together faculty and researchers from several departments and colleges across campus. At the University of Florida, we are fortunate to have very strong international programs as well as IFAS extension centers in all 67 counties throughout Florida which enable us to better fulfill our mission in research, extension, and education. Our expertise in global food systems, resource management and leadership, sustainable development, and outreach is focused on providing the best climate science to inform statewide, national, and global decisions.

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Dr. Naomi Oreskes speaking at University Auditorium November 2

November 2

  Nov 2, 2015 | Lecture with Dr. Naomi Oreskes | Gainesville, FL & Online On November 2 at 3:00pm

Climate Change, the Arctic, and National Security–November 20 at the University Auditorium

November 20

Nov 20, 2015 | Lecture with Dr. David Titley & Julia Gourley: Climate Change, the Arctic, and National Security |

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