• paris agreement

    COP21 yields ambitious climate agreement

    See facts and President’s remarks…

  • MalariaMap

    Malaria risk in Africa shifts/grows under climate change

    Most striking, some parts of Africa will become too hot for malaria

  • amazon dam

    How much is enough? New policy paper by Amazon Dams Network

    Integrated examination of energy security, economic growth, and climate change related to hydropower in Brazil

  • 201511uf-sealevel

    Ghosts of Oceans Past by Andrea Dutton Featured in Science

    Seeking clues in ancient reefs to inform coastal issues now

  • fossils

    Ancient fossils reveal humans were greater threat than climate change to Caribbean wildlife

    UF researchers contribute to PNAS study

Climate Science for Research, Education, and Extension

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NASA scientists have created an ultra-high-resolution computer model that gives staggering views of how carbon dioxide swirls around Mother Earth — and the heavy toll it takes on her.


The Florida Climate Institute at the University of Florida brings together faculty and researchers from several departments and colleges across campus. At the University of Florida, we are fortunate to have very strong international programs as well as IFAS extension centers in all 67 counties throughout Florida which enable us to better fulfill our mission in research, extension, and education. Our expertise in global food systems, resource management and leadership, sustainable development, and outreach is focused on providing the best climate science to inform statewide, national, and global decisions.

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2016 Public Interest Environmental Conference Five Oceans, One Earth | February 11 – 13, 2016

February 11-13, 2016

Feb 11-13, 2016 | Public Interest Environmental Conference: Five Oceans, One Earth | Gainesville, FL Registration for the 2016 Public

Dr. Marcia McNutt March 29, 2016 at the Rion Ballroom, Reitz Union UF

March 29, 2016

Dr. Marcia McNutt will be visiting UF on March 28-29, 2016. Her talk will be at 4:00pm on March 29

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