• 201609uf-wheat

    Dr. Senthold Asseng published new study in Nature Climate Change

    Global Food Security Aided by Combining Different Methods

  • 201609ahead-of-the-tide

    Spring 2017 Field Course Developed with Law, IFAS, and CLAS

    Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Ecology: Science, Policy, and Practice

  • ahead-of-the-tide

    Ahead of the Tide new webinar series!

    10 part series runs September 29-November 3

  • 201608uf-marshes

    Biodiversity in Salt Marshes Builds Climate Resilience

    Read about report from Nature Communications journal

  • oxford

    Dr. Greg Kiker returns from FCI Oxford Fellowship with report

    UF-Oxford Collaborate for solutions

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NASA scientists have created an ultra-high-resolution computer model that gives staggering views of how carbon dioxide swirls around Mother Earth — and the heavy toll it takes on her.


The Florida Climate Institute at the University of Florida brings together faculty and researchers from several departments and colleges across campus. At the University of Florida, we are fortunate to have very strong international programs as well as IFAS extension centers in all 67 counties throughout Florida which enable us to better fulfill our mission in research, extension, and education. Our expertise in global food systems, resource management and leadership, sustainable development, and outreach is focused on providing the best climate science to inform statewide, national, and global decisions.

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Physics Colloquium by Arnoldo Valle-Levinson on Sea Level Rise October 20

October 20, 2016

Arnoldo Valle-Levinson of UF Coastal Engineering is giving the physics department colloquium on 10/20 at 4:05pm in NPB 1002 Speaker

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